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Hiking and cycling
Enjoy beautiful hiking and cycling trails

Hiking and cycling in Plasmolen

Explore the natural beauty of Plasmolen on foot or by bike.

With countless walking and cycling routes, Plasmolen and its surroundings offer many opportunities to enjoy nature and the great outdoors. There are wonderful hiking, cycling and mountain biking routes! Discover a diverse natural landscape, forests and heath, water, hills and floodplains.

There are several walking routes in the immediate vicinity of the park, including a circuit around Mookerplas, a crossing of Mookerheath between Scottish Highlands and a climb of Sint-Jansberg.

Be sure to try out the newly designed Meuse Route, a cycling route that takes you through two landscapes: the Nijmegen moraine and the flood plain formed by the Meuse. The side moraine is sometimes steeply uphill, but the effort is rewarded with beautiful views.

Throughout the region and even far beyond, there is a network of cycle paths based on the node system. The nodes are connected to each other. Each node of the network has a number. Based on these nodes you can create your own route. More information about the node system can be found here:


Cycling along Roman history: The Via Romana Route

Discover Roman history by bike on the Via Romana route. This long-distance cycle route takes you through the varied landscape between Nijmegen and Xanten and past numerous Roman sights, such as Wijchen Castle and the Roman gardens in Nijmegen. During your tour you will be amazed at the rich history of this region.

With a total length of approximately 140 kilometres, the Via Romana route is suitable for experienced cyclists who like a challenge. Plan your cycling tour today and experience a day full of history and adventure.

Hiking with stories: Discover the history of Plasmolen

Discover the rich history of Plasmolen on a walk with stories. During this walk you will be guided past historical places and learn interesting stories about the people who used to live here. Discover, for example, the old water mill or the traces of the Second World War.

This walk is suitable for beginners as well as experienced walkers and takes about 2 hours. Plan your story walk today and discover the history of Plasmolen in a unique and fascinating way.

250 Metre from our park

Follow the Route of Liberation: experience the history of liberation

Follow the Liberation Route and experience the history of liberation during the Second World War. This route takes you past historical sites and important events from that time. For example, discover the impact of Operation Market Garden or visit the impressive American cemetery in Margraten. With a total length of more than 1,000 kilometres, the Liberation Route is suitable for both cyclists and motorists. 

Explore nature on the Three Ponds Route

The Three Ponds Route takes you past the impressive ruins of Villa St. Jansberg in Milsbeek. There are three ponds here that were once part of the villa’s gardens. The upper pond, fed by a spring, supplied the villa with water, while the middle pond was used for fishing. The lower pond was ideal for swimming because of its warm water.

In winter, blocks of ice were taken from the ponds and stored in the ice cellar. This ice cellar was used to store meat products, vegetables and fruit. The ponds were created by building dams in the existing dry valley, which was formed during the Ice Age and later eroded by the water.

In 2014, the ponds were restored by Natuurmonumenten. On the Three Ponds Route you can learn more about the history of the ponds and the villa while enjoying the beautiful nature of Plasmolen.

3,3 km from our park

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