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Food and drink
Discover the culinary delights of Plasmolen

Hospitality industry in Plasmolen

The Burgundian south begins in Plasmolen! Numerous cosy restaurants, where you can enjoy delicious food, drinks or sit on the terrace, give you a hospitable welcome. Moreover, North Limburg is the asparagus region par excellence, as proven by the exquisite dishes that several restaurants serve you during the asparagus season. But this is also the right place for a cup of coffee with a piece of delicious Limburg flan.

Below you will find a list of catering establishments in Plasmolen that are in the immediate vicinity of Bungalowverhuur De Riethorst:

Plattegrond Plasmolen met restaurants

Bungalow rental De Riethorst

Restaurant het Koeskeshuus

De pannekoekenbakker Plasmolen

Restaurant De Griek XL

Lunch and restaurant Plein 1

Grand café De Malle Jan

Restaurant De Kombuis 

IJssalon Clevers

French fries and takeaway De Plasmolen

Bowling and restaurant Het Zuiden

Pancakerestaurant Den Tol

Restaurant De Plasmolense Hof

Camping-Supermarket Wico's Shop

Grand cafe De Malle Jan in Plasmolen

Grand café De Malle Jan


4,3 / 5 Checked on Google.

Grand Café De Malle Jan in Plasmolen is a cosy restaurant with an extensive menu of seasonal dishes. The restaurant also offers various beers and wines for you to enjoy. The atmospheric décor and friendly staff make it a popular place for locals and tourists alike.

290 Metres from our park

De Pannekoekenbakker


4,3 / 5 Checked on Google.

The Pannekoekenbakker in Plasmolen is a popular restaurant known for its delicious pancakes in different variations. The restaurant has a cosy and child-friendly atmosphere and offers other dishes besides pancakes. From the outdoor area you have a great view of the surrounding nature.

280 Metres from our park

De Plasmolense Hof


4,4 / 5 Checked on Google.

Restaurant De Plasmolense Hof is a culinary delight. With a focus on local ingredients and creative dishes, the restaurant offers its guests an unforgettable gastronomic experience. The elegant and cosy atmosphere and the extensive wine list make De Plasmolense Hof the perfect place for a special evening.

400 Metres from our park

Eiscafé Clevers


4,6 / 5 Checked on Google.

Eiscafé Clevers in Plasmolen is a renowned and award-winning ice cream parlour that has been a household name in the region for many years. The ice cream parlour is known for its artisan ice cream made from the best quality ingredients. From the classic flavours like vanilla and chocolate to the more exotic and daring flavours like raspberry-Nutella and tartufo, there is something for everyone at Ice cream parlour Clevers.

350 Metres from our park



4,4 / 5 Checked on Google.

Plein1 is known as a great place to enjoy food and drinks in a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. The restaurant has a warm atmosphere and offers a view of the open kitchen from several seating areas inside. For those who like to sit outside, there is a beautiful terrace with seating in the sun and shade.

260 Metres from our park

De Griek XL


4,4 / 5 Checked on Google.

Greek XL in Plasmolen is a popular eatery known for its authentic Greek dishes and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant offers an extensive menu with delicious meat and fish dishes, salads and meze, all prepared with fresh ingredients and served in generous portions.

300 Metres from our park

Den Tol Pannekoeken


4,4 / 5 Checked on Google.

At Den Tol you can enjoy the most delicious pancake dishes, both in the restaurant and to take away. Guests can choose from an extensive menu of classic, savoury and seasonal pancakes made with fresh ingredients and unique flavour combinations. Den Tol offers a pure and simple culinary experience for all tastes.

400 Metres from our park

't Koeskeshuus


4,2 / 5 Checked on Google.

The atmospheric restaurant ‘t Koeskeshuus is a family business in the centre of Plasmolen. The cuisine is a combination of French-Dutch dishes, so there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for an intimate dinner for two or a culinary evening with a larger group, ‘t Koeskeshuus is the place to be.

230 Metres from our park

Restaurant Het Zuiden


4,3 / 5 Checked on Google.

Restaurant Happen bij Het Zuiden is located on the edge of the nature reserve De Jansberg in Plasmolen and offers a beautiful view of the forest from its cosy terrace. Besides a delicious coffee with homemade apple pie, you can also enjoy a rich lunch, drinks or a cosy dinner here.

290 Metres from our park

Boathouse De Loopplank


4,3 / 5 Checked on Google.

On the terrace of restaurant De Loopplank, guests can enjoy the beautiful view of North Limburg after a walk or a bike ride.


The water and the green hills create a picturesque atmosphere in summer and autumn. The view of the Mookerplas with the passing yachts is reminiscent of Saint Trôpez and is truly incomparable.

1,7 km from our park

Strandpaviljoen Dushi 2.0


4,0 / 5 Checked on Google.

On the east side of Mookerplas, near the boat ramp and the surf beach, is the beach pavilion Dushi 2.0, a trendy food court and restaurant open from March to October. The pavilion has its own beach and jetty and is located in a highly visible spot.

2 km from our park

Frituur De Plasmolen snackbar Plasmolen

Frituur De Plasmolen


4,1 / 5 Checked on Google.

Frituur de Plasmolen is located right on the square and offers delicious fries and snacks to go. It is highly recommended for anyone looking for a tasty snack.

260 Metres from our park

Wico's Winkeltje op camping Eldorado

Camping supermarkt Wico's Winkeltje


3,9 / 5 Checked on Google.

Wico’s Shop is a small supermarket on the campsite, open daily during the camping season. Here you can buy small daily necessities and in the morning you can get delicious, freshly baked bread and croissants at Wico’s.

40 Metres from our park

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