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Nijmegen vierdaagse to the pottery market

Events near Plasmolen

From the world-famous Nijmegen Four Days Marches to the Keramisto Ceramics Festival and the Dutch Wine Festival, there is always something to do near Plasmolen.

Another popular event is the Seven Hills Run, one of the largest running events in the Netherlands. The course leads through the spacious, hilly surroundings of Nijmegen.

De Nijmeegse wandelvierdaagse

Nijmegen Four Days Marches (celebrations)

The Nijmegen Marches are an annual walking event attended by thousands of people from all over the world. The event takes place in Nijmegen and the surrounding hills and forests.

The atmosphere during the Four Days Marches is unique and there are many activities and celebrations in the city. So plan your visit to Nijmegen and experience the unique atmosphere of the Nijmegen Marches.

Het Keramisto Ceramics Festival

The Keramisto Festival takes place every year in Milsbeek near Plasmolen. It is Europe’s largest ceramics festival, bringing together artists and visitors from all over the world.

During the Keramisto weekend you can enjoy the most beautiful ceramic artworks, demonstrations of techniques and workshops. There is also a food market and live music.

1,5 km from our park

The Dutch Wine Festival

The Dutch Wine Festival is an annual event that takes place in Groesbeek, not far from Plasmolen. It is a festival for all wine lovers and offers a unique opportunity to taste the best Dutch wines.

During the Wijnfeesten you can enjoy tastings, wine tours, workshops and live music. There are also food trucks and stalls with local products.

A great opportunity to discover the Dutch wine industry and spend a nice day. Don’t miss the Dutch Wine Festival and plan your visit to Groesbeek.

5,7 km from our park

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