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Nature and sights
Visit the remains of the Roman past

Discover the beautiful nature of Plasmolen

Plasmolen and its surroundings are home to several nature reserves, including the Mookerheide, Sint-Jansberg, De Zevenbergen and the German Reichswald. Hikers, cyclists and nature lovers can enjoy the peace and beauty of these areas.

Besides all the natural beauty, you will also find some interesting sights from the past, such as De Bovenste watermill, a Roman villa and other remains from the Roman period. These sights offer a fascinating insight into the rich historical past of the region.

Below you will find an overview of the nature and sights in Plasmolen.

Plattegrond Plasmolen, Middelaar en Mookerplas

The Mookerplas

Bungalow rental De Riethorst

The Sint Jansberg

The Roman Villa

De Bovenste watermill

The Mookerheide

The three lakes

The green water

Beekje Sint Jansberg, Plasmolen

Sint Jansberg - Breathtaking view of the hilly landscape

Sint-Jansberg is an estate rich in nature and culture with a wooded hillside, marsh, fields and a high probability of seeing deer. Hikes can be taken along winding paths and offer views of the surrounding area.

The area was formed by an ice-age moraine. It is home to a watermill dating back to 1725, remains of a Roman villa and a pipe artwork illustrating its size. There are also traces of an estate destroyed during the Second World War and unusual trees given to the former lord of the manor.

900 Metre from our park

Mookerheide - A beautiful heather area

Mookerheide is a beautiful heath area known for its picturesque views and diverse flora and fauna. The area is a great destination all year round, but especially in autumn when the leaves turn into beautiful autumn colours. The well-maintained and easily accessible hiking trails make it a popular destination for families with children.

3,6 km from our park

Zeilboot de Mookerplas Plasmolen

Mookerplas - Water sports and recreation

Mookerplas is a beautiful recreational lake surrounded by lush forests and fields. It is a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts and offers numerous activities such as swimming, sailing, surfing and canoeing. There are also numerous picnic areas and playgrounds for children, making it an ideal destination for families.

400 Metre from our park

Reichswald Duitsland

German Reichswald - A beautiful part of Germany

The German Reichswald is located just over the border at Plasmolen and offers a beautiful piece of nature. It is a popular destination for hikers and cyclists and offers numerous opportunities for animal and bird watching. There are also many cosy restaurants and cafés nearby where you can enjoy a delicious snack and drink after a day in nature.

4,6 km from our park

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