Plasmolen is.. Wandelen in de prachtige bossen!

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Plasmolen is.. Rondje wandelen om de Mookerplas!

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Plasmolen is.. Genieten van de prachtige Mookerheide!

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Plasmolen is.. Culinair genieten!

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The village 

Plasmolen is the tourist attraction in the Mook en Middelaar municipality, the most northern municipality of Limburg. It is located between the Maas (Cuijk, Noord-Brabant) in the west, Nijmegen in the north, the town of Groesbeek to the east and the town of Gennep to the south. With Germany  only a few kilometers away we can definitely recommend a trip across the border. 

One of Plasmolens most distinctive features are its diverse nature areas. Feel free to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings of this lovely environment. Situated between the Maas and the hill country, Plasmolen probably offers the most diverse set of recreational activities in the country. Where else would you find water, heaths, woods, hills and countryside in walking distance of each other?


At a distance of about 400 meters from De Riethorst lies the Sint-Jansberg. This is a unique walking area, situated on a moraine left during the second to last ice age. A hill like region consisting of coniferous and deciduous woods. The gorgeous area is connected to the Mookerheide and the German Reichswald. There are spectacular views of the hedgerow fields and pastures from some of the high points in the area. A watermill called De Bovenste Plasmolen, built in 1725, is located in this nature rich area. As with other walking routes, the Pieterpad runs straight through this area. 


The Mookerheide is also in walking distance from De Riesthorst. De Mookerheide is a fair area filled with height differences and varied species of heaths,  grazed with Scottish and Drentish heath sheep. The area is also known for the ‘Battle on the Mookerheide’, which was fought on April 14th 1574. Because of the many differences in height, the area offers some beautiful views of the Mookerplas, the Maasvallei and the Noord-Brabantse countryside from a few select areas. Other sights include several defensive structures and fortifications going all the way back to the second half of the 17th century, de Mooker- and Heumense Schans.


Recreational lake De Mookerplas was made by sand and gravel extraction in the 70s. De Mookerplas offers a wide array of possibilities including two beaches which are perfect for spending summer days. There are two marinas (Jachthaven Eldorado and Jachthaven De Driessen) and there is a playground for the children. The area around the lake lends itself well is you’re looking for a pleasant walk. And you could even make a stop along the way at one of the cafe’s or beach pavilions for a cup of coffee.