Beleef Nijmegen.. De oudste stad van Nederland!

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Beleef Afrika.. Afrika museum, Berg en Dal!

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Beleef de vrijheid.. Nationaal bevrijdingsmuseum Groesbeek!

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Visit Nijmegen, the oldest city in The Netherlands, situated across the river and surrounded by woods and hills. Or you could visit one of three museums of Via Romana; where you can find everything you would want to know about the Roman way of life 2000 years ago.

The collections of all three museums complement each other beautifully. For example you’ll be able to find authentic finds of Roman bathrooms such as perfume bottles and skin scrapers. In the Valkhof Museum you’ll be able to walk around on the very spot where once stood an actual ancient Roman city. Or if you’d like to blow of some steam in a heated bathhouse, you’ll be able to do that in the reconstructed buildings in the Archeological Park Xanten. Would you like to see how the Romans lived, went to the market or used the bathroom? Museumpark Orientalis offers that possibility, where you’ll be able to meet with Roman extras in the nearby rebuild Roman street Via Orientalis.

The National Bevrijdingsmuseum can be found in the nearby town of Groesbeek. In this museum you’ll be able to witness the lead up to world war 2, see the
occupation, celebrate the liberation and study the reconstruction of The Netherlands and Europe.

Of course you could also try to discover the local legend, Kiste Trui. Kiste Trui is a legendary figure who lived in the 16th century in the neighborhood of De
Riethorst and Plasmolen. She spend her entire life looking for a treasure chest that the Nassau’s (the current royal family) had lost during the battle on the

At Immenhof, which is a beekeeper, you can take a look at what goes on in a beekeepers backyard. for a nice bottle of wine you can visit the Wijnhoeve De
Colonjes in Groesbeek. Are you more of a beer aficionado? Then you might want to visit the Graaf van Heumen brewery in Heumen for some specialty beers.  Inside the brewery you’ll find unique brew kettles made from glass and copper.

Some of the restaurants located in the Mook en Middelaar municipality, recently united in ’t Gilde van Kiste Trui (or The Guild of Kiste Trui). These restaurateurs
would gladly let you taste the quality of their kitchens and would like to welcome you as a guest:

“Not only are our kitchens worth visiting, but with some pride we would like to acquaint you with the region where we’re located. We would like to heartily welcome you and we hope to make you feel right at home.”